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Charleston Offshore and Inshore Fishing Report May 2023

Offshore Fishing Report in Charleston, South Carolina

We are here to provide the latest scoop on Deep Sea Fishing off the coast of Charleston, South Carolina. The waters are heating up offshore in the deep blue, but the bite has been even hotter. Over the past few weeks, the dolphin (mahi mahi) have consistently shown up along weed lines and temperature breaks in offshore fishing waters. When it comes to our fishing charters, Captain Johnston takes the preparation seriously. He studies the water each night to ensure he knows where to go to get on the fish the following day. Searching for bait such as flying fish, weed mats and lines, and those temperature breaks has allowed us to be on the fish consistently. Over the past several trips, the crew has been bringing back 20-30 dolphin (mahi mahi) and recently hooked up to the first blue marlin of the season. The blue marlin bite has been outstanding in the deep blue over the past several weeks. As the water temperature has started to climb as we get closer to summer, the gulf stream has pushed in closer, allowing the bite to be in more shallow water than early season. Between 180-600 ft has been the sweet spot for the incredible bite. The dolphin (mahi mahi) bite should stay strong as we progress into the upcoming week. Typically, we expect their run to go into mid to even late June, depending on the water temperature. It's been a great month of May fishing, and we look forward to keeping it rolling. Inshore Fishing Report in Charleston, South Carolina The early season inshore bite here in Charleston, South Carolina, was filled with phenomenal creek fishing action. Captain Andrew has consistently caught redfish and trout in the creeks over the past month. Now that the water temperature is rising, the fish are starting to appear in the harbor and deeper water areas, which means the bull redfish are biting. Over the past couple of weeks, bull redfish 20-40 inches long have been on the line during our inshore charters. It's been incredible watching individuals from all over the country catch their biggest or first redfish. The sharks have also started making their appearance on inshore fishing trips. Shark fishing charters in the late spring and summer months can result in sharks of all sizes. Our inshore charter fishing trips are 4, 6, or 8 hours long, and we offer two different boat options in the warmer water months. Moving into the next few weeks, our 35 ft Everglades will be back in action for the deeper water harbor fishing for the bull redfish and sharks, and our 24 ft Blazer Bay will continue to run the entire season as well. Come on board for the best redfish and shark fishing charters Charleston, South Carolina offers.

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